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August Mussel Rock Cleanup-in Honor of Henley

On this overcast  but partly sunny Saturday, 16 volunteers arrived at the Mussel Rock car park finding that it needed a little love. Several volunteers have cleaned up in the week prior, but there were still corners that needed improvement. We picked up a total of 99 pounds of trash, including a Japanese plastic pallet, which was reported to the […]

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No June Gloom, but so many cigarette butts

  Inspired by remarkable daily sightings of humpback whales fluking, spyhopping, tail flapping, breaching, singing and lunge feeding, from Linda Mar to Mussel Rock, our area has attracted a lot of families and groups to explore the coast. With the exceptional warmer weather replacing the usual June gloom, and with the longer clear days keeping people outside and eating takeout […]

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Google Removes 1577 Toxic Cigarettes Butts from Mussel Rock

Thank you TEAM GOOGLE! You all removed 54 pounds of trash, 28 pounds of recycles and 1577 toxic cigarette butts from Mussel Rock! Then you rocked it at Rockaway removing approx 1000 pounds of wild ox tongue, fennel, radish, mustard and even Cal Trans Buckwheat! You finished our work up the switchbacks covering the last 3 switches! Truly amazing and […]

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Mussel Rock Cleanup Celebrating the Upcoming Closure of AW Transfer Station

Twelve volunteers, new and repeat volunteers, joined forces to clean the area of Mussel Rock on Saturday, 23 January, 2016. Site captain, Helen, celebrated the imminent closure of the Transfer Station by baking cookies and sharing them with everyone. There was some discussion about the demolition of the Transfer Station and what should be built in its place. We discussed […]

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Thanksgiving 2015 Surprise!!

We did not expect many volunteers this weekend as it was Thanksgiving weekend! However, we had students from Oceana High School and Terra Nova High School come and help us; one of them, Brad Doughtry, is going write up a report of his day for his school project. And several of our most dedicated volunteers joined us too. They are […]

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