Our Yearly Teacher Toolkit is Here: The Whales

Whale Module for Teachers, Students & Anyone Interested in Whales!

Dive into the wonders of the ocean with our “Shake Your Tail – Save a Whale” toolkit!  Developed by Naturalist Chloe Van Loon and with help from retired teachers Sheila Gamble-Dorn and Fran Quartini, this comprehensive resource is designed for students in K-8, offering engaging and enriching materials with some high school-level content. Whether you’re a teacher, parent, or educator, join the Pacific Beach Coalition’s 2024 Earth Hero initiative focused on the incredible world of whales.

Uncover the mysteries of these majestic creatures with captivating topics such as the basics of whales, their lifecycle, food sources, body language, and unique adaptations like blubber, sound communication, and much more. Engage students with thought-provoking investigations into how blubber aids whales, the correlation between whale poop and climate change, and the reasons behind their epic migrations covering thousands of miles each year.

Subjects covered will include:

  • Climate Change
  • Ecology
  • Geography,
  • Outdoor activities
  • Citizen action
  • Biology
  • Math
  • Science
  • Art
  • English

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Types of content include worksheets, lesson plans, follow-up discussion, videos, and get creative with various whale-related projects, from crafting whale art out of recycled materials to captivating coloring pages. Print the posters of “Whales of Pacifica,” the “Whale Lifecycle,” and the “Monterey Bay Food Web,”  and put them up in the classroom for year-round reminders of our large marine friends. 

Ignite curiosity, spark creativity, and cultivate a sense of environmental stewardship with our whale toolkit—a gateway to an ocean of knowledge and discovery!

Topics covered:

  • Whales are mammals
  • Basics of Whales: baleen vs toothed whales, lifecycle, food source and body language
  • Whales in Pacifica, and greater SF Bay Area
  • Spotlight on Humback Whales
  • Whale Adaptations: blubber, communicating with sound, breathes air, size 
  • Migration
  • Upwelling
  • Threats to Whales: climate change, noise pollution, fishing gear, plastic pollution

Previous Years’ Toolkit and Activities to Print – Always Available on Our Website

Over the years, we have been gathering a lot of different activities that can be done by kids of all ages either for a school projects or just to keep some children occupied at home.

Please visit our different toolkit and feel free to print any of the activities we selected for you below.

This year we are celebrating Earth Day on Saturday April 20th with our volunteer actions, celebration and WhaleFest. But also all month long with our educational activities, Street to Beach cleanups and other events for adults and kids.

We have a lot in stock for you this year:

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