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Join Our Give Back Program!

Partner with us for private team building events, where participants get out to the coast, receive environmental education, and help protect the beaches and ocean from pollution. What a great way to give back to our environment!

Our corporate volunteer programs include beach cleanups and native habitat restoration events that offer rewarding hands-on opportunities to give back to the community and learn more about protecting and preserving our ocean, beaches, coastline, and natural beauty we all enjoy and appreciate!

Our naturalist will lead your group through the event, provide all the materials that you need, and give a presentation on the local ecology, impacts of waste, and our animal honoree of the year. It is our goal to make these team building events both fun and impactful. To learn more, reach out to us at

Check out some cleanups events done by other companies!

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The Facebook Team doing a beach cleanup

Thank you for the opportunity to serve and learn more about the PBC work.  It was an enjoyable and productive effort.” R. Porter from VMWare

VSS International came to Linda Mar for a beach cleanup and removed 17lbs of trash!

Thanks for allowing us to give something back to the community. Interestingly the fight against the global plastic problem is getting a lot of news this week – United nations vow to beat plastic problem. Great to have people like you facilitating events like this – you are making a huge difference!!” – Michael, Google

Our focus at Rakuten USA for our 2017 CSR program is specifically on the environment. Working with the Pacific Beach Coalition has been a wonderful experience giving our employees a lot of knowledge on the environment while providing a fun team building activity.” Kiko P from Rakuten USA

Rakuten Team removing invasive weeds

Thank you for being such a great partner for our Equinix Impact Month. Our employees really enjoyed volunteering with your organization. We appreciate your making us feel so welcome.” From Equinix Impact

It was an excellent opportunity to collaborate and quite therapeutic!” TJ Vasta from VMWare

Salesforce Team after a great habitat restoration workout

“I/we can’t thank you enough for arranging such a fab day for us to work together and help the PBC continue on its mission! We had such a great time! Your enthusiasm and the knowledge you shared were so helpful. We enjoyed meeting and working with you.” Susan Fierro from FieldFisher

Thermofisher Team pausing after a great team building experience

I thought of you and our team effort the other day.  I was at a clinic and noticed all of the styrofoam cups being used to serve coffee (in a hospital). Thanks for sharing stories and how much of an impact we can collectively have as individuals. I’ll continue forward the message to my kids and others on what roles we can play to ‘Make a splash by Ending trash’! Thank you.” – Chester, Google

I learned more in one hour than I knew (about marine debris) in my whole life” – Genentech Volunteer

Nothing better than a team building experience at the beach!

I really enjoyed the opportunity to meet Lynn and she was quite passionate about the ocean environment.  I think it was an interesting and enjoyable project and got some time to chat and mix with some team members that I do not usually interact with.” – VMWare Volunteer

Science Exchange team working together to spread wood chips

Two-thumbs up!  I think the team should do service learning more than once a year.  Being able to learn first hand about a good cause and to have an immediate impact towards the good cause was very rewarding.” – VMWare Volunteer

It (the Give Back outing) was a blast. Thank you for leadership and oversight. It made me really happy to give back to the beach I love so dearly”  – Jane Myles, Head, Operational Intelligence and Innovation at Genentech

Thanks for hosting and teaching us Lynn – and for sharing these great photos. I learned a lot and really enjoyed the experience.” – Raf, Google

Thanks so much, Lynn! Our team had a lot of fun and it was definitely great team building.” Jennifer Sheared, Administrative Assistant at Eversight.

Some of the companies that have done cleanups and habitat restoration with us: