Pillar Point Harbor, Half Moon Bay

Beach cleanups cancelled due to COVID-19 regulations BUT you can still volunteer for our Street to Beach Cleanups program. Check it out!

About Pillar Point Harbor:

Pillar Point Harbor in Half Moon Bay, is a protected harbor of refuge along the San Mateo County California Coast. It is home port to a vital commercial fishing industry, to sport fishermen, and to pleasure boaters seeking the amenities this modern coastal harbor facility provides. The Harbor has 369 berths and an inner and outer breakwater, making it one of the safest harbors in the United States. The harbor is also situated within the boundaries of the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary with its natural and ocean resources protected by the National Marine Sanctuaries Program under the National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration.

Site Captains:

2014 Half Moon Bay Yacht and Pillar Point Harbor Coastal Cleanup - 40

Meet Celine Gerakin. In 2013, she and her husband made a life-changing move by leaving Berkeley for Pillar Point to live on a sail boat. It was when she started noticing litter floating at the harbor that Celine started picking up trash by herself on weekends. A couple months later, she discovered the Pacific Beach Coalition, joined cleanups in Pacifica & Daly City, and two months later she became site captain of our newest Adopt-A-Beach location. She now has a nice group of volunteers and the support from the San Mateo County Harbor District. Celine is also a member of our Steering Committee.  Cleanup efforts at Pillar Point Harbor are making a big difference to keep our ocean clean, though help is always needed, so join this Earth Hero team at this scenic coastside location!

Meet Laurel Frishman who was born in So Cal, raised in the Arizona desert and moved back to Nor Cal 40 years ago and now lives in El Granada. While the desert was beautiful, she missed the ocean. Laurel has a degree in Zoology with a special interest in ocean life, conservation and good environmental solutions. The ocean has always had a heartful pull on her with it’s immense beauty, power and complexity. And maybe it is because she is made up of mostly salt water and, well, like produces like.

If you would like to come a site captain, assistant site captain or junior site captain for Half Moon Bay, contact us today! We would love to have you join them. Send us an email at info [at] pacificbeachcoalition.org

About the Cleanup:
Time: From 9am-11am, in April for Earth Day of Action and in September for Coastal Cleanup Day. Check our online monthly calendar for exact dates. Rain may cancel cleanup. If you’ve registered in advance, you’ll receive a cancellation notice. If you have not registered, check our calendar for the latest information.
Where to Meet:  At 1 Johnson Pier, Half Moon Bay near the Harbor Master Office.
Cleanup Areas: Volunteers usually cleanup Capistrano beach, the coastal trail, the jetties, the parking lots and neighborhood streets.
Supplies: Volunteers are encouraged to bring their own buckets and reusable gloves. Extra gloves, buckets, pickup sticks and specific tools for this site cleanup will be provided while supplies last. Because we are never sure of the weather, make sure to bring extra layers, a hat, sunblock, water and snacks.
Litter: Expect picking small and large pieces of trash related to commercial and recreational fishing activities.
Parking: Free parking at the harbor.
Restrooms: Public restrooms are located near the Harbor Master office.
Dogs: Allowed but on leash. Please be responsible and pick up your dog waste.

Be sure to read through the Cleanup Guidelines before attending the cleanup.
More questions? Read our Beach Cleanup FAQs.

Would You Like to Join Us?  Check the calendar to know when is going to be the next Pillar Point harbor cleanup. Also, if you want to help in Half Moon Bay year round, check our Harbor Beach and Surfer’s Beach beach cleanups. These happen on the last Saturday of the month from 9 to 11am, except in April and September.