Native & Coastal Bees

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Pacific Beach Coalition’s Bee Pledge

I pledge to conserve the natural resources of the Earth and Ocean, the learn more about the bees and respect them, the think before I squish or spray, to go organic as often as possible, to say NO to pesticides, to plant bee-friendly flowers and herbs when available to me, to allow a patch of lawn to go wild, to slow the flow and save water and to spread the word or/and teach a friend. I pledge to pick up litter and reduce my use of plastics. I pledge to show respect for nature and all living things and to use my voice to speak up for the environment.

Native & Coastal Bee Education Resources

Bees are responsible for pollinating one in three bites of food we eat. Since the mid-1990s, colonies have been mysteriously collapsing with adult bees dying, disappearing and abandoning their hives around the world. Known as Colony Collapse Disorder, it is likely caused by a variety of interacting factors, including pathogens, loss of habitat and increased exposure to systemic and other pesticides. Policymakers have yet to make this important pollinator’s health a top priority. Current regulations don’t provide adequate protection for bees. A groundswell of concerned citizens, gardeners and beekeepers is building to protect bees including the Pacific Beach Coalition.

 We also put together a Bee-Toolkit for teacher and parents. Find activities to do at home or in the classroom to help our bees.