16,581 Cigarette Butts Picked Up for Earth Day of Action 2019

Earth Day of Action & EcoFest 2019 were a blast! Here are the results of our actions. We can’t thank you all enough for your participation and for making our Earth Day incredible. For the first time this year, we had a Poo Patrol walking the streets of Pacifica to pick up plastic dog poo bags left behind. We also had people from all over the World inspired by our organization and decided to join us by cleaning up their own streets, beaches, parks and rivers to make their neighborhoods litter free.

Thank you for bringing change.
Thank you for being part of the movement.

8,130 Total Volunteers
– 6,623 children & teachers reached at schools from 18 Schools
– 1,415 volunteers who joined Earth Day of Action
– 92 volunteers from all over the globe pledged to cleanup their streets and neighborhoods (Peru, Malaysia, Bangladesh Mexico, Guadalupe, South Africa to list a few!)
– 1 poop patrol team to remove dog poop and left behind plastic bags

5,326 pounds of trash
690 pounds of recycle
11,405 pounds of green waste
222 straws
318 bottle caps
16,581 cigarette butts picked up and counted!

61 locations including
9 beaches
13 districts
17 streets
17 habitat restoration sites
5 shopping areas

Please add your photos if you can. We all want to see how it went at your site.  https://photos.app.goo.gl/cUHoacyM6Xfzaggf8
Here is our EcoFest Album – please add to it too if you were able to attend and have photos to share.  https://photos.app.goo.gl/CqGBHhNrMWYTDGqg8

EcoFest – We All Need A Little Kelp
– 1st time in main parking lot of Linda Mar
– Josie Iselin and Kyle Thiermann spoke
– Live music with Coastal Tribe
– Amazing 52 eco booths
– 3,300 attendants

Your Earth Day & EcoFest Stories

I wanted to extend thanks and kudos to the educator(s) who presented at Ortega Elementary School today, Wednesday April 24th! My son is in 1st grade there and could not stop talking about all the cool things he learned about bull kelp and otters today! I know he was actually paying attention because he was using proper terms (holdfast!) and providing accurate information (“Mom did you know those bulbs on the kelp are actually full of AIR to make the kelp FLOAT?!”). I just so appreciate the knowledge and excitement that was clearly passed on to him today and wanted to thank you and great job!!” – Amy Wahl, Parent

Thanks for the Beautiful Kelp Book for our school library – the student who was assigned to deliver it to me said he wants to check it out RIGHT NOW…LOL.” – Sue Beckmeyer – Cabrillo Library

It was a fun day. The weather was fantastic. We picked up a lot of trash. There was more trash this year than either of the last 2 years. There was more than usual in front of the Convalescent home also. We did not have enough students to pick up all the trash. Mrs Guiterrez from Terra Nova sent us 3 fantastic, enthusiastic, hard working young ladies to help. The 3 students, Sharon, Nancy, her boy friend and I got a lot done. We also found a homeless camp. The creek was looking beautiful. It was a very nice time.” – Roger

“It was definitely a great turnout and I had a wonderful time with the volunteers. My highlight was planting coyote bushes with some of the middle school children and having a 6th graded excitedly tell me about how to grow an avocado tree, which she had written an essay on for school and then showing off her baby plant to all of her family and friends (kids are the best). […] we probably got closer to 1000 thistles and other weeds would be my guess. P.S. Ecofest was fantastic! PBC did an amazing job!
– Karli Rasmuss

We had the most successful sales this year that we have ever had! Since we now have three ships down in the Gulf of California protecting the Vaquita, this is just such great news for funding this campaign! Again, a zillion thanks!” – Sammarye Lewis, NorCal Chapter Co-Coordinator

“Thank you so much for the note and for the amazing tour on Saturday! I had such a great time and was so inspired by the many sites and volunteers who were spending their free time organizing their communities to clean our beaches and communities. You all are doing such amazing work and hearing the stories of how it all started and how you have nurtured it to grow into something so large is spectacular. We would love to continue working with Pacific Beach Coalition in the future. Keep us updated on the initiatives and programs you plan in the future!” – Leah from Mori Point HR – GGNRA, speaking about the EcoFest VIP Tour

Would like to join a beach cleanup or habitat restoration? Check out our calendar to see where you can help next!

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