Mussel Rock Cleanup Celebrating the Upcoming Closure of AW Transfer Station

Twelve volunteers, new and repeat volunteers, joined forces to clean the area of Mussel Rock on Saturday,Jeff and Paxton Terri Officer and 22 23 January, 2016. Site captain, Helen, celebrated the imminent closure of the Transfer Station by baking cookies and sharing them with everyone. There was some discussion about the demolition of the Transfer Station and what should be built in its place. We discussed the fact that illegal dumping will likely persist. One certainty is that the seagulls will have less food and consequently move away.

We picked up 147 lb of trash, including 3 blue plastic bread crates that had been dropped overboard from a Matson ship in December. We collected 48 pounds of recycling and about 1000 cigarette butts. We continue to donate the Nexcycle dollars from recycling to individuals, who though they are going through difficult times, still manage to contribute time and talent to assist our beach cleanup efforts.

The most unusual find today was by Brian Park and Angela Walker, who brought in a .22 caliber rifle wrapped in a black plastic bag, found down a bluff near the parking area. A Daly City police officer came by to log the find and said it would be destroyed. He said we are doing a great job finding such things and taking them out of our environment. This is the 4th gun recovered by volunteers in as many years.

Thanks to everyone for cleaning up today.