2019 was Incredible. Check Out the Difference We All Made!

Pacific Beach Coalition 2019 Accomplishments

High Level Numbers* and 2019 Updates:

Our Actions & Field Programs

Earth Day of Action and EcoFest (find full report and pictures here):


  • 1,415 volunteers who joined Earth Day of Action
  • 92 volunteers from all over the globe pledged to cleanup their streets and neighborhoods (Peru, Malaysia, Bangladesh Mexico, Guadalupe, South Africa to list a few!)
  • 1 poop patrol team to remove dog poop and left behind plastic bags
  • 61 locations


  • 1st time in main parking lot of Linda Mar
  • Josie Iselin and Kyle Thiermann spoke
  • Live music with Coastal Tribe
  • Amazing 52 eco booths
  • 3,300 attendants
Coastal Cleanup Day (find full report and pictures here):
  • 26 locations
  • 816 volunteers
  • 1824 lbs of trash
  • 1008 lbs of recycling
  • 1655 lbs green waste and weeds
  • 21115 cigarette filters
  • 170 plastic straws
  • 8 beach cleanups organized every month
  • Involving and educating 20 to 100 people each weekend
  • Removing between 20 lbs to 300 lbs of trash at each cleanup
  • Recruited a new team of volunteers for Rockaway
  • Started a new monthly cleanup at Surfer’s Beach, Half Moon Bay
  • Recruited highly motivated Junior Site Captains for Linda Mar and Rockaway in Pacifca and Harbor Beach in Half Moon Bay
  • First ever underwater cleanup in Monterey with an awesome team of scuba divers
  • Emergency cleanup at Davenport in Santa Cruz County
  • – Added 3 professional naturalists to our beach cleanups to deepen the education we provide
Habitat Restoration:
  • Freidel & Michael engaged a total of 284 of volunteers this year
  • Planted 600 plants
  • Keeping the weeds from growing back
  • Mulched 6,150 sq feet of coastline
Plastic Free Pacifica:
  • Started a new program funded by the San Mateo county to educate businesses about the plastic ban and how to be more sustainable
  • Targeted 120 businesses and Alejandra, our Zero Waste Consultant is going to each one of them and building an amazing relationship

Our Education Program

  • Lecture Series: Organized a free community event to talk about the kelp and educated 50 people
  • Earth Day School Assemblies: Organized 18 assemblies where speakers engaged 6000 students and teachers
  • For Teachers: Built a teacher Toolkit to educate students about the kelp

Our Give Back Program

Habitat Restoration:
  • 2,749 volunteers completed weeding in Linda Mar and over the bike path at Rockaway
  • Spread wood chips along Linda Mar top switchback and trail and in Rockaway around the first switch
  • Installed 4 waddles at Linda Mar and 2 at Rockaway
Beach Cleanup:
  • 57,727 Cigarette Butts
  • 2,074 lbs of Trash
  • 470 lbs of Recycle
  • 31,895 lbs of Green Waste Check out our Give Back blog to find how each company contributed.
    If you are an employee and want to organize an outdoor and fun team building event with your own coworkers, contact us now! More info on our Team Building page.

Our Other Annual Programs

  • MLK Day of Service: We had an awesome day with over 265 volunteers coming out to help at the beach or restore native habitats
  • Surf Movie Fundraiser: Full house for both shows, a new record! The tasty beer was provided by Pedro Point Brewery. Fundraiser organized in partnership with the San Pedro Surf Club.
  • 4th of July: Great cleanup on a working Friday, 120 volunteers!
  • Fog Fest: We won the BEST FLOAT Award, again! Thanks to incredibly beautifully hand crafted ocean sea floor featuring the kelp and all the marine creatures that depend on it.
  • Cigarette Butts: Over 91K cigarette filters collected during our first ever Butt Blitz. It was so incredible to have all the community pick up cigarette butts from all over the Peninsula during a period of 51 days.

Terrific Support From Our Sponsors

Adventure Out, City of Pacifica, County of San Mateo, Gilead, Mazzetti’s Bakery, NCCWD, Pedro Point Surf Club, Peninsula Clean Energy, Recology of the Coast & Taco Bell. Find our full donor list for this and previous years.

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