Past Event – Volunteer for MLK Day Of Service

Join us for the 27th Annual MLK Day of Service on Saturday, January 20th

Every year we organize a special beach cleanup and habitat restoration event for MLK Day of Service. This is your chance to make a meaningful difference, connect with nature, and honor Dr. King’s legacy of service. Let’s come together to protect our beautiful coastline and marine life. Your efforts matter – be a part of this vital environmental movement!

Beach Cleanup with PBC – Starts at 9AM:

  • Join our site captains to cleanup Linda Mar State Beach in Pacifica and the coastal trail
  • Supplies and directions will be provided but we encourage everyone to bring their own gloves and bucket

Meet us at 9AM in the Linda Mar parking lot near the Taco Bell. Parking passes will be given when you check in.

Please sign up to volunteer and as this is also our online waiver, make sure that everyone in your party signs it.

Habitat Restoration with PBC – Starts at 10AM:

  • Join the group to plant native plants on the Beach or along the Coastal Trail, Pacifica
  • Tools and directives will be provided

Meet at 10AM on the Linda Mar Beach Coastal Trail (north of the Crespi at Hwy 1 intersection) Parking at the Pacifica Community center – 540 Crespi Drive, Pacifica is closer to the meeting spot for the beach planting than the main Linda Mar beach parking lots. 

Please sign up to volunteer and as this is also our online waiver, make sure that everyone in your party signs it.

More Details About our MLK Day of Service Event in Pacifica:

The closest parking is at the Community Center. Walk across Highway 1 at the light, and then walk north (turn right) onto the Coastal Trail. Our team will be waiting for you just off the path, after the big willow stand.

If you’re attending the beach cleanup first, you may park in the main Linda Mar lot. The site captains there will have parking passes for you after you check in for the cleanup. When you’re done cleaning up, walk north on the Coastal Trail to find us just after the big willow stand. 

Focus for Habitat Restoration: We will be planting native plants along the Coastal Trail, pulling oxalis and other invasive weeds, and possibly mulching new areas for future planting!

Litter Pickup on Your Own:

  • This is part of our Street to Beach Cleanups program, sign up to sign the waiver to participate!
  • Pick up litter near your home or on your walk – see below and log your work.
  • Do a beach cleanup on your local beach or shoreline – please also log your work.
  • Explore and clean new parks, trails or locations that you have never been before.
  • Picking up trash is almost like hunting for beach glass.

Volunteer by joining to Street to Beach Cleanup team, learn more and sign up.

Habitat Restoration on Your Own:

  • Plant some native plants in your garden
  • Weed a public location (if you know weeds vs native plants)
  • If walking the Linda Mar to Rockaway coastal trail, take time to pull Oxalis from a spot safely spaced away from everyone

Other Things You Can Do To Help:

  • Say no to plastic for a day
  • Install a water barrel to catch some of the rain
  • Go single-use-plastic free for the day or weekend
  • Do a plastic audit of your trash bin
  • Make a donation to Pacific Beach Coalition or other ocean related non profit

Let Us Know How You Did

Email us a photo of your little plastic pieces and interesting finds so we can show others what we’ve been finding for years.

And make sure to track the trash that you collect with the Clean Swell app with PBC or Pacific Beach Coalition as you group!