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September 25 2021 Mussel Rock Cleanup

We decided to have our 4th Saturday monthly cleanup just 7 days after the big California Coastal Cleanup at Mussel Rock. Unexpectedly, we had over 50 volunteers and 4 co-captains, Joe R, Chris B, Julie W and Helen N. Julie set up her naturalist table. Terri B and Myrna F were there, too. They collected 230 lb of trash for […]

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Welcome to the first cleanup of 2020 at Mussel Rock!

During the first weeks in January, I researched areas at Mussel Rock and beach to create my introductory speech. I found several homeless camps and shelters under trees. Therefore, I asked our volunteers to respect these areas and not touch them during this cleanup. When the tide was low, I found small plastics such as bottle tops scattered in the […]

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Mussel Rockstars Face Challenges

“How inappropriate to call this planet Earth when it is quite clearly ocean” Arthur C Clarke 23 February 2019 Multiple Projects, Ongoing! While Chris, in the foreground, held down the fort with 37 volunteers in the field, Helen walked a mile along Westline Drive, dragging an industrial magnet. The magnet picked up ferrous metal bottle caps, screws and nails. To […]

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Mussel Rock Cleanup in May

We had only 1 new volunteer (Lorrie Epling), but we were a team of 6 Mussel Rockstars and possibly additional PBC Ambassadors. If you want to adopt your area, the Ambassadors, as you will be called, are given grabbers and shirts from the PBC. The Mussel Rockstars are Paxton Christner, Jeff Christner (famous for finding the only legitimate Japanese Tsunami […]

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