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Every year, the volunteers of the Pacific Beach Coalition elect an animal or a plant in danger and every year the slogans are voted by the community over Fog Fest weekend. We use the Earth Hero Honoree as an educational theme to educate adults and children about these wonderful creatures and how WE can help them by changing some of our habits. Here is a list of all our Honorees since 2011:

2019 Kelp – “We all need a little Kelp
2018 Sea Stars – “Sea Stars, Sea Change
2017 Dolphins & Porpoises – “Make a Splash by Ending Trash!
2016 Sea Otters – “Healthy Waters, Healthy Otters
2015 Native and Coastal Bee – “Bee the Change, Bee an Earth Hero!
2014 Snowy Plovers – “Little Things Matter
2013 Sharks – “Take a bit out of litter!
2012 Sea Turtles – “Be Turtley Cool
2011 California Gray Whale – “Make a Whale of a Difference

We generally post or link to educational resources that align or apply primarily to our field and education programs with the focus on wildlife, pollution prevention as well as local, regional and statewide environmental issues affecting our coastal ecosystem in San Mateo County, the Bay Area, California and West Coast.

However, like the migration of whales or seabirds we often see along our shores, or the flow of runoff to our ocean from our creeks or streets, we understand global issues such as the Pacific Gyre “Garbage Patch” or marine debris traveling on ocean currents knows no boundaries. Pollution in our environment- regardless where we live – impacts us all on Planet Earth.

The information available in our resource library highlights and supports our annual educational theme to inspire and teach environmental stewardship. Here is a list of the teacher toolkits we put together for teachers and parents doing homeschooling:

Kelp – Teacher Toolkit in progress!
Sea Stars – Teacher Toolkit, Fun Facts
Dolphins & Porpoises – Teacher Toolkit
Sea Otters – Teacher ToolkitFun Facts
Native and Coastal Bees – Teacher Toolkit

We invite you to learn more on how you can be an Earth Hero – every day!

Please contact us if you’d like to us to consider an educational resource or relevant information that meets our guidelines.