Nudibranch Module, Free Lessons & Activities for Teachers and Homeschooling

These lessons and activities have been created by teachers for teachers and people who want to learn about these wonderful little marine slugs while having fun. They include topics such as BiologyScience, Art, English, Climate Change, and Math. We’ve compiled virtual lessons, videos, and resources here to make it easy for you to bring nudibranchs into your classroom. Please explore!

Nudibranch Module and Activity Book for Teachers and Homeschooling

Ready to download with printable worksheets, and ideas for follow-up lessons to keep the learning going year-round!

The Pacific Beach Coalition’s 2023 Earth Honoree is the nudibranchs. These small creatures teach us about biology, climate change and so much more.
We’ve compiled a virtual lesson plan to bring the nudibranchs into your classroom. Register your classroom and receive free nudibranchs education module (PDF), buttons and bookmarks for each of your students (while supplies last).

Subjects covered in this module include:
• Biology
• Science
• Math
• Art
• English

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