Coastal Cleanup Day 2022 Results and Thank Yous

Thank you to everyone who joined an organized cleanup, did their own cleanup, restored a native habitat, supported or attended our 25th anniversary of the California Coastal Cleanup Day!

Results as of September 29th 2022

Preliminary stats from our 18 sites show 811 volunteers showed up and removed 1,623 pounds of landfill trash265 pounds of recyclables, 380 pounds of greenwaste, and more than 13,829 cigarette butts. And we’re still compiling our local Clean Swell data, which will be added to the totals!

Some fun facts about our cleanups:

  • Most volunteers: Linda Mar State Beach (150)
  • Most Trash: Thornton Beach (311 pounds)
  • Most recycles – Thornton Beach (109 pounds)
  • Most Cigarette Butts: Rockaway (3,000)
  • Most Weeds: Linda Mar State Beach (800 pounds)

From the Street to Beach program and Clean Swell, here is the data:

  • Volunteers: 419
  • Trash: 1,691 pounds
  • Cigarette Butts: 25,224
  • Miles Covered: 45
  • Items Collected: 35,879

Statewide, more than 27,000 volunteers helped in the effort. (With 60 percent of cleanup sites reporting, the count stands at 27,185 volunteers.) Those volunteers picked up 220,861 pounds of trash and an additional 29,702 pounds of recyclable materials — for a total of 250,563 pounds or 125 tons. Impressive!

Thank You For Coming to Our Celebration

Watch the replay on YouTube.

We can’t tell you enough how special it was to celebrate our 25th anniversary with you all. We have grown and expended our reach so much in 25 years and we could not have done it with out you and your support. We remain humble and grateful for our community, our volunteers and the politicians who have seen how much of a difference we make and how important it is to preserve the health of our coastline.

And Thank You PCT

We would like to acknowledge PCT for covering our celebration and for their professionalism. Thanks to their team, equipment and dedication, we are able to conveniently bring this replay to you in case you missed the event, or if you want to re-live this wonderful moment.