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Dolphins and Porpoises Fun Facts

Pacific dolphins swim in formation with other dolphins and sea lions, sometimes leaping from the water in spirited somersaults. Source.   The Risso’s dolphin lacks teeth in the upper jaw and has no more than seven pairs of conical teeth in the lower jaw. Source. Risso’s dolphins have prominent dorsal fins, sometimes prompting observers at a distance to think they’re […]

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Links to Activities and Worksheets for Grades 4-up

Stream to sea activities – Intermediate The purpose of this activity is to create awareness about why harbour porpoise are considered a species of Special Concern in British Columbia. The lesson plan combines porpoise natural history with the effects of human activities, both positive and negative. Click here to print PDF. —– A bunch of quick dolphin lessons, activities, and […]

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Lessons, Activities and Printables for Grades K-3

KidZone from WDCS: Learn about the amazing world of whales and dolphins with interactive animations and activities. Click here. —– From Scholastic: Explore the world of dolphins with science and vocabulary lessons. Students will learn about dolphin biology and marine life through these quick language arts activities. Click here. —– From SeeWinter and Clearwater Marine Aquarium. Lesson plans are available […]

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