Our mission is to preserve our oceans, coastal habitat and wildlife we all enjoy.

And this is only possible thanks to people like you!

If you  believe in our cause which is to preserve our ocean, wildlife and educate the general public, please consider making a general donation by clicking on the DONATE button below or by sending us a check. This donation will go directly towards our current programs in need including:

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If you wish to send a check, please make it payable to: Pacific Beach Coalition *Mail to: Pacific Beach Coalition Attn: Lynn Adams, PO Box 932, Pacifica, CA 94044  

We are also accepting donations via Venmo! Find us by searching for Pacific Beach Coalition. Thank you 💚🌊🐟

All donations are tax deductible.

The Pacific Beach Coalition is now a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization and we changed our name to PACIFIC Beach Coalition. We are currently in the middle of our re-branding. Your donation is tax deductible to the extent allowable by law.

If You Don’t Like to Donate Money

We understand that some of you might not like the idea of donating money to an organization. So, we created two wish lists via that are full of supplies that we need to support our beach cleanups and habitat restoration programs. Thank you, and happy shopping!

Our 3 Years Goal

  • Prevent 60,000 pounds of trash from going to the ocean by 2022.
  • Engage 30,000 volunteers to clean from Streets to Beaches and restore habitat along the coast and inspire them to “End Litter”.
  • Provide 2,000 underprivileged kids with enriching beach clean-up experience.

Where Your Donations Go

  • $75 pays for 1 naturalist at a beach cleanup to educate our volunteers about our local environment, wildlife and marine debris. 
  • 100% of every dollar donated goes directly to support environmental programs to reduce litter, improve habitat and connect people to the earth. We’ll provide you with an annual summary of the direct results associated with your donation.
  • For $10 per volunteer, each individual is provided with supplies including a pick-up stick gloves and a bucket. A volunteer picks up an average of 6 pounds of trash/recycling and 45 toxic cigarette filters and forever joins the Earth Hero team.
  • For under $25 per student, we bring elementary aged school children to local beaches for cleanups and environmental learning.
  • $900 pays for a new trash can for a beach site.
  • $55 pays for a gardening tool and a heavy duty pair of gloves for habitat restoration.
  • $5 pays for a native plant.
  • $250 pays for 1 school assembly.
  • $5000 pays for a classroom to go to the beach to get onsite education (transportation, insurance and naturalists).
  • $1500 pays to get a new monthly beach cleanup started at a new beach. 
Street to Beach CleanupsIn just two months volunteers have cleaned over 200 miles and stopped over 5000 pounds of trash from going to the ocean
Environmental Lessons PlanEmpowering kids to take action to protect the natural world while reinforcing core scholastic skill-set
Habitat Restoration Field TripsProviding underprivileged kids with the chance to learn about beach ecosystems and help to restore them to their natural states


  • Counted over 13,505 volunteers – All 2019 accomplishments here
  • Started our Naturalist program which is very well received and highly educational
  • Picked up and recycled 186,869 cigarette butts
  • Coastal Cleanup Day: 816 volunteers came and picked up 1,824 pounds of trash – Full report here
  • EcoFest: 3,300 visitors learnt about how to preserve our ocean and coast line
  • Earth Day of Action: 61 locations, 5,326 pounds of trash and over 16,581 cigarette butts picked up – Full Report here
  • Community Events: Organized tidepool events for the community and 1 lecture to talk about the kelp and our local wildlife
  • School Assemblies: Our speakers went to 18 schools and educated 6,623 students and teachers about our ocean and the kelp
  • MLK Day of Service: Planted native plants and removed weeds in Pacifica