Next Beach Cleanup: Mussel Rock – Sat. February 25th


Next Mussel Rock Beach Cleanup: Saturday, February 25th from 9am to 11am, South Daly City

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About the Cleanup:
Site captains: Chris, Helen & Joe
Time: Saturday from 9am-11am, rain or shine.
Where to Meet: At the Mussel Rock carpark located at the lower coastal end of Westline Drive by the second entrance to Allied Waste Transfer Station.  Drive north past the junction of Skyline Drive, avoiding the other Westline Drive that goes up a steep hill.
Parking: Free parking is available all the time on any of the roads or at the car park at the meet up spot. Follow the signs to the car park so that you do not get lost on the other Westline Drive that ends up above the Transfer Station.
Cleanup Areas: The team cleans up the streets, bluffs, car park and park, itself, as well as the beach if the tide is out far enough for our safety.
Supplies: Volunteers are encouraged to bring their own buckets and reusable gloves. Extra gloves, buckets, pickup sticks and specific tools for this site cleanup will be provided while supplies last.
Litter: The team usually picks up plastic bags, bottles, cigarettes and other household waste because this is where the Bay Area’s trash is brought before it is transferred to other sites.
Restrooms: Regrettably, there are no public restrooms at this site.

Special Regulations & Precautions
Dogs: Permitted off leash in the park, but there are resident coyotes that may lure dogs away to danger, if they are off leash. This is not a concern if your dog is under excellent voice control and performs recall well. Please be responsible and pick up your dog waste.

Be sure to read through the Cleanup Guidelines before attending the cleanup.
More questions? Read our Beach Cleanup FAQs.

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