Earth Honoree of the Year

Who Are The Earth Honorees

Earth Honorees are species we commit to highlighting throughout the year. These include birds, fish, mammals, insects, and plants, typically native to the Northern Pacific Ocean or Northern Pacific Coast. These species may or may not be endangered.

Each year, our team, through a rigorous process, selects an Earth Honoree to focus our environmental messages. The honoree guides our educational programs, materials, and communications. 

By connecting our volunteers and community to these species and through increased awareness and knowledge, we hope to inspire positive changes in behavior, transforming harmful actions into beneficial ones for the environment. Maybe we will be more inspired to take action and do more to help. Maybe we will find ways to use less plastic or remember our reusable cups, silverware, and to-go containers. And just maybe we will use our voice to speak up for this species!  

Honorees and Slogans Since 2011

2024 Whales – “Shake Your Tail – Save a Whale”
2023 Nudibranch – “Ocean Hugs for Sea Slugs”
2022 Mission Blue – “The Mission Blue Needs You!”
2020-21 Albatross – Be a Boss – Help the Albatross
2019 Kelp – “We all need a little Kelp
2018 Sea Stars – “Sea Stars, Sea Change
2017 Dolphins & Porpoises – “Make a Splash by Ending Trash!
2016 Sea Otters – “Healthy Waters, Healthy Otters
2015 Native and Coastal Bee – “Bee the Change, Bee an Earth Hero!
2014 Snowy Plovers – “Little Things Matter
2013 Sharks – “Take a bit out of litter!
2012 Sea Turtles – “Be Turtley Cool
2011 California Gray Whale – “Make a Whale of a Difference

Who Decides Next Year’s Earth Honoree

Our active members come to our monthly meeting in July and do a little presentation to educate the rest of the members about the Earth Honoree and why it should be selected.
Then the active member vote in August and start submitting slogans. In September and right before FogFest, the list of slogan goes down to 3 so that the FogFest crowd can vote on the final one.