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Moths Are Pollinators Too

BACKGROUND: Successful pollination depends on pollinators finding the right flowers at the right time. Pollinators locate appropriate flowers by visual and chemical cues. Since the structure of the mouthparts of pollinators differ greatly as do flower structures, the pollinator also has to locate the right type of flower. OBJECTIVE: In this activity, students will become hawkmoths and attempt to collect […]

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Let’s Have Pollination Parties! K-5

OBJECTIVES: Students will understand: 1. The pollination process and show examples of bee pollination on specific plants, 2. The interdependence between insects, plants, and humans, 3. That insects can have a negative impact on their ecosystem.   MATERIALS: – Access to a library or reference books on bees, butterflies, and pollination – Copies of Pollination Parties worksheet => Click HERE […]

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