2018 Was Astonishing, See All We Have Done!

Pacific Beach Coalition 2018 Successes

Some Numbers:

– 14,352 Volunteers
161,196 Cigarette Butts
16,933 lbs of Trash
2,681 lbs of Recycle
50,796 lbs of Green Waste

Our Actions & Field Programs

Earth Day of Action (find full report and pictures here):
– 1,698 Volunteers
– 14,873 Cigarette Butts
– 3,588 lbs of Trash
– 786 lbs of Recycle
– 3,886 lbs of Green Waste
– Stainless straws given as the 2018 Earth Day giveaway
EcoFest – Sea Stars, Sea Change (find full report and pictures here):
– Edward Humes, author of Garbology & Rob Cala spoke
– Live music Frankie and the Pool Boys
– Amazing EcoFEST featuring a Plastic Coral and 52 eco booths
– 5,500 attendants
Coastal Cleanup Day (find full report and pictures here):
– Inspiring ceremony, 6 booths with businesses sharing their sustainable
– 1,488 Volunteers
 – 17,825 Cigarette Butts
– 3,698 lbs of Trash
–  1,440 lbs of Recycle
–  2,474 lbs of Green Waste
– 6 beach cleanups organized every month
– Involving and educating 20 to 100 people each weekend
– Removing between 20 lbs to 300 lbs of trash at each cleanup
– Recruited a new team of volunteers for Esplanade
– Recruited highly motivated Junior Site Captains
Habitat Restoration:
– Freidel &Michael engaged lots of volunteers every month
– Planted 4 switchbacks on the Rockaway side
– Keeping the weeds from growing back
– Started the Ambassador program to cleanup waterways and neighborhood streets.
– Started the Junior Shark Ambassador program engaging and joining young individuals together. Believe us when we say that they are having a blast cleaning up their neighborhood!

Our Education Program

Lecture Series: Organized a free community event to talk about the Sea Stars and educated 100 people
Earth Day School Assemblies: Organized 21 assemblies where speakers engaged 7,500 students and teachers
For Teachers: Built a teacher Toolkit to educate students about the sea stars
In the News: Featured in the Half Moon Bay and Pacifica Review Magazines, once about the Sea Stars and a second time featuring Jeff and Paxton, Mussel Rock Earth Heroes

Our Give Back Program

Habitat Restoration:
– 1,194 volunteers completed weeding in Linda Mar and over the bike path at Rockaway
Spread wood chips along Linda Mar top switchback and trail and in Rockaway around the first switch
– Installed 4 waddles at Linda Mar and 2 at Rockaway
Beach Cleanup:
– 17,557 Cigarette Butts
– 734 lbs of Trash
– 195 lbs of Recycle
– 34,325 lbs of Green Waste
Check out our Give Back blog to find how each company contributed. If you are an employee and want to organize an outdoor and fun team building event with your own coworkers, contact us now! More info on our Team Building page.

Our Other Annual Programs

MLK Day of Service: We removed weeds and planted native plants. Check the video we made about this incredible event.
– Surf Movie Fundraiser: Showed Ocean Driven and 185 people come to each show, a NEW Record. The tasty beer was provided by Pedro Point Brewery. Fundraiser organized in partnership with the San Pedro Surf Club.
– 4th of July: No more green bomb shell sold. Great cleanup on a working Thursday.
Fog Fest: We won the BEST FLOAT Award thanks to our giant hand crafted single use and reusable cups. Look at the pictures!
Cigarette Butts: Installed and maintained 14 new Stainless Cigarette containers and dozens of cigarette pots near walkways and benches.

Terrific Support From Our Sponsors

Adventure Out, City of Pacifica, County of San Mateo, First National Bank, Gilead, Mazzetti’s Bakery, NCCWD, Pacifica’s Environmental Family, Pedro Point Surf Club, Peninsula Clean Energy, Recology of the Coast & Safeway.

Be part of our community and help us do gooder by volunteering or donating today!