September 25 2021 Mussel Rock Cleanup

We decided to have our 4th Saturday monthly cleanup just 7 days after the big California Coastal Cleanup at Mussel Rock. Unexpectedly, we had over 50 volunteers and 4 co-captains, Joe R, Chris B, Julie W and Helen N. Julie set up her naturalist table. Terri B and Myrna F were there, too. They collected 230 lb of trash for landfill with about 2 lb of recycling, and 1200 cigarette butts. We made friends with local people like Brad who had lost part of his vintage motorcycle. One of our volunteers had picked that part up and it was given back to him. San Mateo Pollution Prevention Team allowed us to keep their flag for this cleanup. One of our own, Myrna F, was the lucky winner of the $50 VISA card because she was on the list of volunteers who signed up for this San Mateo Pollution Prevention competition last week. Thanks to everyone who made this event so successful!!