Summer Solstice Cleanup at Mussel Rock

We used our new popup tent for the first time; I purchase such items with proceeds from recycling of cans, glass and plastic bottles, both picked up during cleanups and from my household collection. The tent was a big hit on such a gloriously sunny day. The spring flowers were abundant and attracted plenty of busy bumble bees.

21 volunteers picked up plenty of cigarette butts (1500), a shopping cart that had been tossed down a creek (70 lb), an abandoned wooden coffee table (70 lb), 5 dumped planks of wood (32), 4 Razor scooters (20 lb), a wooden sign that I had picked up at a previous cleanup and no longer wanted (45 lb), plus the usual rigid plastic items (less than a pound), bottles (less than a pound), and aluminum cans (less than a pound), totaling 335 lb. Later on, I was also given over 3000 cigarette butts by my neighbor!

While we were closing up for the day, we met two children, aged 5 and 7, with their grandmother and great aunt.  I offered them a Razor scooter each, which they eagerly adopted. Sadly, I learned later that they had recently been orphaned when their single mom died.

Young coyotes were spotted, guarded by their parents, in Mussel Rock Park. Also, I discovered a new favorite plant in the park. It is a hardy member of the pea family; it even grows in dry spots, on gravel! Its name is bird foot trefoil and it attracts bees with its abundant yellow flowers (see photo) and has a fragrance reminiscent of jasmine. Isn’t nature incredible?