Mussel Rock Cleanup in May

We had only 1 new volunteer (Lorrie Epling), but we were a team of 6 Mussel Rockstars and possibly additional PBC Ambassadors. If you want to adopt your area, the Ambassadors, as you will be called, are given grabbers and shirts from the PBC.

The Mussel Rockstars are Paxton Christner, Jeff Christner (famous for finding the only legitimate Japanese Tsunami item, a crab trap), Chris Burr and Joe Recto (co-captains) and Myrna Faulds.

Only 43 lb of trash was collected including rope and buoys from the rip rap, plus a few cans and bottles, weighing less than a pound.

This is the lightest load of trash we have ever collected! I am not sure that it reflects more than the fact so few volunteers cleaned up. Every month, our new mascot Mussel Rockstar, Jordan Dudley Do Right, will give you lots of love; so if you need a doggie fix, please come and get your free cuddles with him on the 4th Saturday of every month of the year (except April and September when we have Earth Day and Coastal Cleanup Day, respectively). So, see you on 23 June from 9am to 11am at Mussel Rock car park in Daly City.