Waders at Mussel Rock Cleanup

Found today:

Our cleanups always bring surprises. Today was no exception. We found a Cabela’s camouflage wader suit. We left it in the parking lot where fishermen usually gather so that they might return the suit to the owner or find another beneficiary.

Naturalist and Junior Site Captain:

We were blessed to have both Marie and Loren with us today. Marie was our naturalist today. She found the incomplete skeleton of a small dog, based on the dental part of the jaw bone. She thinks a gull may have dropped it near the picnic tables. Loren is our Junior Site Captain. He was a big help in so many ways.

Mussel Rock Stars:

Joe and Chris helped me set up and break down, weighing trash and sorting recyclables. It was great to welcome back Terri and Jeff, two of our outstanding beach stewards. Terri found $50 cash during her local cleanups. Jeff is offering giveaways* of legal fossils and fishing traps that he has collected at Mussel Rock; come to our National Night Out (see below the save the date) where he is giving these away.


There were 20 volunteers, who collected 70 lbs trash, 1500 cigarette butts, and 1 lb recyclables. Our volunteer numbers are gradually increasing, so is the weight of trash, and, unfortunately, the number of cigarette butts, too.

Magnet, Habitat Restoration, and Graffiti Abatement:

Loren ran the magnet, picking up lots of metal bottle tops and nails. Helen did habitat restoration, removing thistles and pampas grass, and graffiti abatement.

Save the date on August 3:

There will be a small, free, COVID-aware National Night Out held at Mussel Rock parking lot on August 3, 2021, from 5.00pm to 8.15pm for friends and neighbors of Mussel Rock.

National Night Out:

Well-behaved dogs and children are also welcome. Pacific Beach Coalition will have some fun things for everyone to enjoy: earth hero photo opportunities, a cigarette butt scavenger hunt, chalk drawing, and special unique gifts* from the Mussel Rock Stars. As Pacifica is not hosting a National Night Out, we extend a warm invitation to our Pacifica friends to come across the Daly City border to our Mussel Rock event. Bring your own dinner (we will do this to reduce COVID-19 transmission), Starbucks is providing pastries and coffee, and there will be brownies and cupcakes, too). We will have a restroom!! We strongly encourage mask wearing by everyone and social distancing where possible to protect the children, who are not yet vaccinated.