Thanksgiving Interview & Cleanup at Mussel Rock

Twenty-three volunteers, mostly first timers and a few trusty Mussel Rockstars, participated in the making of a video on environmental change by Emily Holman from University of Oregon.

It was sunny and mild without too much wind. Emily took video footage of the site and asked questions. I told her how it just took a few individuals to keep the area clean once a certain tipping point had been reached. We commit to a 4th Saturday, monthly cleanup; some of us do a spot clean throughout the month, too.  Our cleanups tend not to be beach cleanups due to high tides and reduced accessibility to our beach. Instead, we clean the roads and bluffs. We protect countless marine organisms, birds like the albatross, whales and dolphins.

We picked up fewer cigarettes today (500) than usual. Also, we picked up fewer recyclables: 3 glass bottles, 1 plastic bottle and 1 aluminum can. The total weight of trash that would go to the landfill was 100 lbs.


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