2020 Annual $500 Scholarship: Adeline Wilson

Four plus years ago a young woman attended a Pacific Beach Coalition meeting, started helping at beach cleanups, and joined in the habitat restoration events too!  Now, after logging 335.5 volunteer hours (most of them with the Pacific Beach Coalition) with Oceana High School’s volunteer program, Adeline Wilson will be completing her senior year and graduating on May 15th.  

Adeline is passionate about stewardship of the Earth and ocean and loves horses.  She has a huge girl crush on the BTS band, loves dancing and bowling, and gives the best hugs. Adeline was a senior member of the Jr. Ambassador program, leading youth on cleanups on the streets of Pacifica. She also brought the team to pick up thousands of cig butts at the Bowling Alley because she loves bowling and the litter just wouldn’t do!

Oh boy has she helped us with our award-winning Fog Fest floats!  Creating lots of ocean creatures for all to enjoy. And she is quite a joy to have at our PBC meetings! She always arrives with her fresh-baked masterpieces and makes SURE everyone gets up bite! Have you tried her brownies? First rate! Her baked goods are usually accompanied by big hugs and even bigger jokes… until Mom gives her the hook!

Since the COVID crisis stopped all cleanups in March, Adeline has joined the physically-distanced restoration team pulling thousands upon thousands of thistles from the Rockaway Headlands. 

And now, as Adeline graduates, the Pacific Beach Coalition appreciates her passion, her help, and her love for all things natural and has chosen her to receive the 2020 PBC Youth Scholarship!   The Pacific Beach Coalition wishes Adeline a world of luck as she heads off to Skyline College and then on to Foothill college.  Congratulations Adeline! —