PBC General Meeting – 2nd Tuesdays

Join Us, Your Opinion Matters.

Meet us for an online meeting on the 2nd Tuesday of the month

Do you love the ocean? Do you want to help clean up our environment? Are you interested in being part of a friendly group of people dedicated to ending litter in all its forms? Are you in high school and wanting to do something real about the environmental? Curious about things the whole family can do together? Looking to volunteer your time and life skills for a greater good? Seeking worthwhile team-building opportunities? PBC is all that, and welcomes new faces!

LOCATION: Sharp Park Library, 104 Hilton Way, Pacifica

Or drop in online: ZOOM (but in person is better!)

(passcode: pbcsmc)

Would you like to use your voice and be part of the decision making process? Join Pacific Beach Coalition’s meeting and your voice will be heard. We welcome new beach cleanup and habitat restoration volunteers as well as Bay Area ocean and wildlife lovers. We always have a lot to cover and always need extra help for event planning, copy and grant writing, social media marketing or community outreach.

By participating, you’ll learn more about leading beach cleanups, joining a committee, educating about marine ecology, organizing our annual Earth Day of Action & EcoFest, or participating in the many activities our volunteers organize to protect and preserve our coastal environment throughout the year.

Every voice count, so don’t be shy, come join us – we would love to hear yours!

Looking forward to seeing you 🙂

Join our meeting and become a PBC Active Member!