Earth Month Lessons & Educational Activities

These lessons and activities have been created by teachers for teachers and people who want to learn more about these incredible birds while having fun. They include topics such as Ecology, Geography, Art, English, Climate Change, and Plastic Pollution.

Albatrosses are wonderful ambassadors of the ocean and our 2020-2021 Earth Honoree. They teach us about ecology, ocean health, marine debris, and so much more. They are curious, fun, and remarkable! Please join us in celebrating Earth Month with the amazing albatross. 

We’ve compiled virtual lessons, videos and resources here to make it easy for you to bring albatross into your classroom. All resources are asynchronous, except for the two live Q&A sessions described at the end. Please explore!

1. Register Your Classroom to Get Educational Freebies

Bring the majestic Albatross into your classroom and get free buttons and bookmarks for each student. Have them take action and get a chance to receive a free Perfect Day for an Albatross book too!  

2. April 1st to ongoing: Fun Albatross Activity Book for Teachers and Homeschooling

Ready to print with instruction for planning the lessons and follow up ideas to keep learning!

The Pacific Beach Coalition’s 2020-2021 Earth Honoree is the Albatross. These wonderful ambassadors of our oceans teach us about ecology, ocean health, marine debris, and so much more. They are curious, fun, and remarkable! Please join us in celebrating Earth Month with the amazing albatross.
We’ve compiled a virtual lesson plan to bring the albatross into your classroom. Register your classroom and receive free albatross book, buttons and bookmarks for each of your students (while supplies last).
Subjects covered in this module include:
• Ecology
• Geography
• Art
• English
• Climate Change
• Plastic Pollution

3. April 1st to May 22nd: Multi-Media Albatross Exhibit

Albatross: Life on the Wind and Sea is a traveling exhibition from the Seymour Marine Discovery Center, Caren Loebel-Fried, and Exhibit Envoy and is based on the book A Perfect Day for an Albatross. This online exhibition features images and text with accompanying audio and visual components, extra downloadable content, and activities to do in the classroom or at home. These resources are available from April 1st – May 22nd only.

4. April 23rd & May 14th: Live Assemblies for Students

On Friday April 23rd at 1pm PST or on Friday May 14th also at 1pm PST, students can meet real life award winning artist, author and citizen scientist Caren Loebel-Fried. Ask her questions, hear about her experiences with the Albatross on Midway Atoll, and interact personally. Caren is a great, captivating and engaging speaker who has a lot of experience interacting with kids and classrooms.

Waimea Ocean Film Festival presents children's library programs | West  Hawaii Today

5. Recorded Albatross Assembly – Free, Fun & Educational for Kids

by Caren Loebel-Fried, Artist, Albatross lover, Citizen Scientist, Expert Albatross counter on Midway Atoll

A 27-minute video introduces students to the extraordinary Albatross by award-winning Artist/Author/Citizen Scientist Caren Loebel-Fried. The action video includes stunning images from her book on the albatross done in the ancient folk art of block printing. The virtual assembly is always available asynchronously for FREE on YouTube.

6. Teacher Tool Kit And Additional Resources