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How to Visit the Tidepools

Safely, Responsibly & Ethically The intertidal zone along our coastlines supports lots of lifeforms and is a sensitive habitat.Tidepools are an incredible habitat to explore, but we must visit the with kindness and caution inorder to prevent negative impacts on the marine life that we call the intertidal zone home. Beloware some tips for making your trip to the shoreline […]

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Outdoor Nature Hunt – Ready to Print

Here is a great activity to occupy children for a few minutes outside of the home. Nature hunts are a great way to get kids to observe and analyse their surroundings which is very important for their development. If you are going on vacation, a new park or on a walk, print and take one with you. They can become […]

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Beach Treasure Hunt

No need to collect these treasures! Instead, draw a picture, snap a photo, or just take a moment to observe your find and then check it off the list of treasures.Remember to always keep an eye on the ocean and stay safe!Not all of these items will be found at every beach. See how many you can find on YOUR […]

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