2023 Yearly Results, Accomplishments and Successes

Our hearts are full of gratitude and joy for our thousands of volunteers and supporters. Our beach cleanups, habitat restorations, and other educational events would not be possible without YOU.We are incredibly proud of all our volunteers have accomplished and experienced this year, and we look forward to continuing to make a difference for the planet in 2024!

Many thanks to those of you who made donations of time or money to PBC. We had a wonderful time leading our beach cleanup and habitat restoration events, working with our Nudibranch Bunch (youth members), educating everyone about nudibranchs and sending so many cigarette filters to Terracycle.

As always, our efforts are always to help the ocean, the earth and the people depending on both. Thank you for supporting us and caring for the ocean.

Programs in Numbers

  • Engaged 12,211 volunteers of all ages
  • Discarded 41,875 pounds of trash thanks to our monthly beach cleanups and Street to Beach Cleanups programs
  • Collected and recycled 234,117 cigarette filters
  • Earth Day became Earth Month with 2,230 volunteers completing cleanups all over the Peninsula
  • Coastal Cleanup Day engaged 39 volunteers at 21 sites who removed 2,057 pounds of trash, 322 pounds of recyclables, and 14,793 cigarette butts
  • Over 1,700 Give Back volunteers collected thousands of pounds of trash and cigarette filters
  • Our Street to Beach Cleanups program yielded 107,131 items picked up by 1,958 volunteers across the Peninsula, covering 966 miles

Habitat Restoration Highlight

Rain, Rain, Rain! Last winter’s rain was the secret ingredient to our planting success this year. Everything we planted grew and so did the plants from past years that have been hanging on by a thread through the drought years. The entire trail from Linda Mar to Rockaway was a burst of color and is now a haven of seeds – a food source to many species and perhaps an influx of new babies for the coming year.

It looks like the wood chips we’ve been installing are working and the constant weeding is paying off. Before our eyes the coastal trail is changing from solid weeds to a thriving native habitat with diversity and color.

With volunteer help we hope to continue weeding, planting more islands in the wood-chipped areas, and mulching the slope to restore the soil, hold moisture, and fuel future plants. Here’s to more rain!

What We Accomplished and Made Happen in 2023

  • Organization of 9 beach cleanups, 1 habitat restoration event, and 1 creek cleanup per month with supplies and a team of site captains and junior site captains from Daly City to Half Moon Bay (over 26,000 pounds of trash collected!).
  • Restoration and conservation of the native coastal trail in Pacifica with educational signage from Linda Mar to Rockaway.
  • Maintenance, storage and purchase of new supplies for weekly beach cleanups and habitat restoration events.
  • Management of our team of certified naturalists hired to educate volunteers who come to our events and beach cleanups.
  • Organization of this year’s Earth Month and Coastal Cleanup events inspiring hundreds of volunteers with team of site captains and certified naturalists.
  • Organization of over 25 assemblies for 4,300 students and distribution of related lessons and resources to teach students and parents about marine litter and this year’s Earth Honoree, the Nudibranch.
  • Ongoing creation of education materials for educators.
  • Yearly Butt Blitz campaign to increase awareness about cigarette filter litter and collection with recycling of 200,000+ filters per year.
  • Ongoing coordination of the youth program, which engaged 56 youth this year who worked side by side with site captains to run the beach cleanup and habitat restoration events.
  • Year-round organization of the Street to Beach program that engages thousands of volunteers (1,958 in 2023!) in and outside of the Bay Area to clean up their communities.
  • Approval of 1000+ community service hours for students doing their own cleanups from all over the West Coast.

Bringing Smiles to the Community

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