Annual Coastal Cleanup Day

Each year in September, our Earth Heroes of all ages take action during California Coastal Cleanup Day. Since 2005, over 36,000 pounds of debris have been removed from the San Mateo County coastline by more than 9,500 volunteers every year and many invasive weeds get removed.

The Pacific Beach Coalition has been hosting this annual statewide cleanup since 1998 –  held on the same day as The Ocean Conservancy’s International Coastal Cleanup Day, one of the largest volunteer events around the world. We coordinate these cleanups and habitat restoration opportunities at the local level along the San Mateo County coast. All these group efforts are part of our field programs in partnership with the California Coastal Commission and San Mateo Countywide Pollution Prevention Program.


New This Year For Coastal Cleanup Day Month

Date: This year, because of COVID-19, we will not just have 1 day dedicated to Coastal Cleanup Day but the entire month of September.

Location: Cleanup wherever you are and wherever your Happy Place is. This is very similar to our Street To Beach Cleanups program.

Track the trash: We invite you to track your trash with the Clean Swell app and add Pacific Beach Coalition – Albatross as your group so that the California Coastal Commission will also be able to track the trash you pick up.

Register to volunteer: Fill out our waiver form and pick up a location near you!

Let’s all make trash extinct! Join us to pick up and clear away debris collecting along our beaches, parks, shoreline, creeks, parking lots and neighborhood streets.

Are you ready for this year’s action?

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Who can participate? Adults, kids, families, seniors, students, groups, teams, businesses, volunteers, anyone!

Where will cleanups take place? At organized cleanup sites throughout Pacifica, and from Mussel Rock to Half Moon Bay. Sites include our Adopt-A-Beach sites as well as “hot spots” in Pacifica and along the coastline. You can also register to Adopt-A-Spot, and or choose your own site. Visit our special CCD page to find all the locations and an updated map of cleanup and Adopt-A-Spot sites.

Where to restore the native habitats? Make sure to check our calendar and with our team to know where we will be removing weeds and planting native plants. We make a lot of progress all year round so we never really when exactly the efforts are going to be concentrated until a month or so in advance.

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