Earth Day Results & WhaleFest Was a Blast!

This past weekend, we led our community in a powerful demonstration of love and care for our Earth. We came together not only to clean our beloved beaches but also to celebrate our natural world during the exhilarating WhaleFest event.

It was a day marked by collective action and environmental stewardship. Thanks to the dedication and hard work of our amazing volunteers, we are thrilled to announce early results from our beach cleanups. Together, we removed over a thousands lbs of trash (and still counting) from our coastline, significantly reducing the potential harm to marine life and improving the health of our environment.

1598 Volunteers, 1591 pounds of trash, 357 pounds of recycle, 10716 Cigarette butts, 14,961 pounds of Green Waste, 50 native plants planted, and 4,905 students received the Whale Assembly

1,598 Volunteers
1,591 Pounds of Trash
357 Pounds of Recycling
14,961 Pounds of Green Waste
10,716 Cigarette Filters

50 Native Plants Planted
4,905 Students Attended the Whale Assembly

Each piece of plastic picked up, every cigarette filter collected, represents a life saved in our oceans and a step towards a healthier planet. This early result is a testament to what we can achieve when we come together for a common cause!

Watch the Celebration Replay

WhaleFest and Poems for the Whales

The highlight of our Earth Day celebration was WhaleFest, an event dedicated to appreciating and understanding the majestic whales that grace our oceans. The festivity included educational talks, interactive exhibits for kids, and activities that brought our community closer to the marine environments we strive to protect. It was a joy to see children and adults alike engaging with the exhibits, learning about conservation, and showing their support for these magnificent creatures.

From Danny, Foster City Site Captain

Thank you to the 140 volunteers, including South Bay Regional Police/Safety Academy, Boy Scout Troop 321, St. Catherine of Siena, various schools, and individuals who helped clean-up Leo Ryan Park (Foster City) and surrounding area on Earth Day. We really appreciated your time and effort you give to Pacific Beach Coalition. It’s because of your efforts we can fulfill our mission and serve our communities. 75 lbs of trash, 11 lbs of recycling, 2500 cigarette butts, and 5 lbs of green waste. Thanks again for a job well done!

From Laurel, Half Moon Bay Site Captain

The best way to celebrate our Earth is to gather together on a beautiful sunny morning and do what we can to help Her breathe better by picking up the manmade trash that tries to choke Her. That is what 56 of us did this morning at Pillar Point. 125 lbs of trash, 38 lbs of recyclables and 704 unearthly cig butts were picked up around the harbor.

From Sara, Rockaway Site Captain

We had a beautiful day at Rockaway Beach for our Earth Day clean up! 62 volunteers swept the Beach and brough back 101 lbs of trash, 11 lbs of recyclables and 375 butts. We had a huge group of volunteers from St. Andrew Church in Daly City, St. Andrews Presbyterian, All Souls Catholic School, 4H, and Oceana High School to name a few. A couple of our volunteers cleaned out an abandoned encampment in the trees and returned with several ruined tents and similar detritus. Kyla showed off her golf swing with a rusty 7 iron. I collected at least 7 tennis balls. A couple of the girls from All Souls were delighted to find a jumping spider living inside a traffic cone. Kim, our naturalist, introduced many of our volunteers to the “by the wind sailors” that ended up in many buckets and one lucky biology teacher found a Mermaid’s Purse! Other people also found treasures, including a full can of silly string, a fancy shell (I sent the volunteer to Kim for identification), a pair of glasses, a golf ball, and a bottle of pee.

A Heartfelt Thank You to Our Active Members and Site Captains

We could not have achieved this without our volunteers. Your enthusiasm and commitment were the driving forces behind this successful event. We are incredibly grateful for your time and effort. You have shown what it means to be a steward of the environment, and your actions inspire others to join in these important efforts.

Looking Forward

As we reflect on the success of this year’s Earth Day events, we are reminded of the ongoing need to care for our planet. There is still much to do, and we need your continued support. Consider making a donation to the Pacific Beach Coalition. Your contributions will directly support our initiatives, including educational programs and further cleanups.

Thank you once again to all who participated and supported our efforts. Here’s to more successful cleanups and celebrations in the future!