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Apple – Bulingame Rocks Linda Mar

2,000 pounds of Dried Weeds Removed Beach Cleanup Results – 12 pounds of Trash, 9 pounds of Recycling, 5 pounds of Rigid Plastic, 326 Cigarette Butts – (boo hoo), 6 pair of shoes, several ropes, 3 surf leashes, beach toys, a volleyball, boxer shorts and too many pieces of plastic to count… Habitat Restoration Results – Approx 2,000 pounds of […]

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Aluminum Water Bottles and Cig Butts

We were a small but determined team today, with representatives from showing up to tell us about their new product – reusable aluminum bottles already filled with water (an alternative to throw-away plastic water bottles). Two volunteers cleaned San Pedro Avenue, and another came from Esplanade to be sure her haul of 400 cigarette butts was counted. The PBC […]

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BIG Winds, BIG Haul!

Rain? Oh we can handle rain. But WIND! Whew! As steady 30 mph winds almost blew us all over, once again our returning earth heroes at Linda Mar Beach returned on Saturday, Feb 18! Thank you once again to Danny Yanow and his Westborough Middle School Wind Warriors, close to 50 energetic souls, Aragon, Oceana, Terra Nova and East Bay […]

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Linda Mar Heroes Brave the Rain!

With the advent of our first rain since March, we thought our regular Linda Mar Heroes would stay home, nice and dry on our Third Saturday October Cleanup.  Donning raingear and smiles, we had a small but mighty force!  We didn’t expect much from beachgoers since the weather hadn’t been all that sunny, but oh did the huge waves bring […]

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Accretive Solutions and Beach Heroes Hit Linda Mar

May 21, 2016 was supposed to be one of those rare, unseasonal cold, windy and even rainy days, enough to discourage the toughest Earth Hero.  However, as the sun came out, 35 fantastic volunteers showed up to clean Linda Mar Beach.  Accretive Solutions, led by Gabby Galindo, brought over 20 volunteers from as far as Manteca; Mercy High School returned […]

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EARTH DAY HEROES Attack Linda Mar Beach!

Earth Day 2016- PBC’s 12th! As usual, Linda Mar’s Earth Heroes numbered over 100- this year, 159 signed in to help our otters and friends live a clean, healthy life in their ocean! So many veterans, so many first-timers, and all good-spirited, energetic souls dedicating their Saturday to helping clean the beach and ocean.  Many, many individuals, Daisy Troop 61840, […]

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