Linda Mar Beach looking good on a hot weekend!

Our May 20, 2017 Linda Mar Cleanup was destined to be a big one, what with the great weather we were having.  As the morning sun rose, cutting the fog with a warm blast, we knew we were in for a lot of litter, as is often the case when big crowds come to the beach.  But wait!  Where was the trash?  Our great group of volunteers included George and the twins from San Mateo, Rachel and Hannah all the way from Concord (!), Tanya and Eva from Surfrider and ReBoot, and more!  All came ready to go, some with their own buckets and bags and all excited to jump into it.  Two hours later….. TWO bags of trash and one small bag of recycling!  What a great statement that made.  Even though our volunteers scoured the beach, we all came up with just a small amount, and this on a big weekend.  Great job, everyone!  You took the tough, little pieces of harmful plastic, the straws, the 150+ cigarette butts and a whole lot of plastic toys (to be washed and donated) away from certain disaster in the water, and proved that people are caring more for our beaches as our work continues.  Love it!