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Linda Mar Weed Warriors

Another successful habitat restoration last month, removing a lot of weeds under an expected foggy sky. A big thanks and shout-out to volunteers from Banana Republic Flagship store in Union Square SF and to the surfer community volunteers. Thanks all and we hope to see you again next time!

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Apple – Bulingame Rocks Linda Mar

2,000 pounds of Dried Weeds Removed Beach Cleanup Results – 12 pounds of Trash, 9 pounds of Recycling, 5 pounds of Rigid Plastic, 326 Cigarette Butts – (boo hoo), 6 pair of shoes, several ropes, 3 surf leashes, beach toys, a volleyball, boxer shorts and too many pieces of plastic to count… Habitat Restoration Results – Approx 2,000 pounds of […]

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Freidel and Team are Kicking Butt

Words from our Habitat Restoration Site Captain: “These pictures were taken at the July-23-2017 Linda Mar Beach Habitat Restoration activity. These guys kicked butt! Go Bears! The 2 volunteers are both graduated or soon to graduate students from UC Berekeley. Go Bears!” Thank you so much Freidel and team for making such a difference at Linda Mar removing weeds and […]

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