199 Volunteers For Our Post 4th of July Cleanup

Great job this weekend team Street to Beach!  We hope that you all had a wonderful and sustainable 4th of July weekend. On our side, we had a “Star Spangled” 5th of July cleanup at all of our beach districts.

199 volunteers as well as the people selling the firework helped us clean all of the districts/parking lots near their sites but what was new this year is that we could not clean on the beaches because of the closures.

We picked up a lot of fireworks and other party related trash for a total of 749 lbs of trash and covered over 15 miles. Also, you would not believe it, but we pretty much filled out a 2 gallon bucket worth of cigarette filters! Yes, 2 gallon bucket and if you don’t believe it, here is the picture:

A lot of areas will need some love in the next few days so if you know of a spot feel free to contact us about it so that we can add it to our list of Hot Spots.

Thank you so much for caring and we will see you all again next year (but hopefully sooner!).