BIG Winds, BIG Haul!

Rain? Oh we can handle rain. But WIND! Whew! As steady 30 mph winds almost blew us all over, once again our returning earth heroes at Linda Mar Beach returned on Saturday, Feb 18! Thank you once again to Danny Yanow and his Westborough Middle School Wind Warriors, close to 50 energetic souls, Aragon, Oceana, Terra Nova and East Bay High Schools, Beta Phi Sorority from SFSU and so many others- 98 in all!  It was a challenging two hours with some of the strongest winds we’ve ever seen, but our heroes made a super haul of 400 lbs of trash including hoses, wires, wood and other harmful debris certain to harm our ocean friends.  Four large bags of recycling, bedspreads, clothes and other debris that came out of the water certainly helped make the ocean a much safer place on Saturday.  It seems like nothing will keep our Earth Heroes from tackling the beaches, making easy work of the huge pile of trash that ended up in the right place this time, instead of at the beach, where it has no business!  Great job, everyone!