July 5th Linda Mar Beach Clean up

trash barrel filled with fireworks debris
Several overflowing barrels filled with Fireworks

We heard fireworks going off in Pacifica Linda Mar valley well into the late night on July 4th. The city designated areas in the parking lots to light fireworks and provided several barrels for the community to deposit the debris. But those barrels were more than overflowing.  We had 71 people from the city (lead by Chris) join our 9 volunteers on July 5th. Aside from the two large dumpsters, we collected 120lbs of garbage and 325 cigarette butts! We were able to lend our PBC buckets and gloves to the city workers – reducing single-use plastic bags and gloves.
Big THANK YOU to everyone who came out on a foggy morning to keep our beach beautiful and the trash out of the oceans.