91,421 Filters Collected for the Butt Blitz

Our 2019 Butt Blitz came to an end on the Coastal Cleanup Day weekend and we finally got all the numbers in… 91,421 cigarette butts collected all around the Peninsula.

Beyond San Mateo County

While we thought it was only going to be a San Mateo county initiative, YOU (=incredible Earth Heroes) took it beyond our county limits. Palo Alto, Cupertino, Santa Clara were among the towns that received some love aside from Pacifica, Daly City, Half Moon Bay and Montara.

Incredible Participation

We can’t be more thankful for your participation and for picking up all these stinky filters. Thanks to YOU, they are going to be removed from the ocean and be recycled.
Thank you to Seaweed Holistics for taking all the cigarette butts. We are very thankful for your partnership!!

The Battle Continues

While the Butt Blitz is over, we still encourage everyone for caring and for picking up butts. Please keep using your voice to speak up for the planet and making tomorrow a greener one.