We Are Now Pacific Beach Coalition, 501(c)3 Non-Profit

We Take Care of the Pacific Ocean

Exciting News!! We have received our own 501(c)(3) status and as of today we will be changing our name to Pacific Beach Coalition (PBC) to reflect the Pacific Ocean that we work so hard to protect and preserve. We hope you like the news and our new name!

Slightly Different Name, Same Mission.

Over the years we have established ourselves in Pacifica in a way that we could have never dreamed!  We now lead monthly beach cleanups in Esplanade, Rockaway, Linda Mar and Sharp Park, and also do Habitat Restoration in Rockaway and Linda Mar. We organize the EcoFest once a year in Linda Mar which brings over 5,500 people coming from the entire Bay Area. Then we expanded north and south and now organize monthly events at Mussel Rock in Daly city, Montara, Pillar Point and Half Moon Bay.  We need your help to move even farther north and south to cover even more of the Pacific Ocean, another factor leading to our exciting new name change!

In 2018, we expanded school assemblies to Half Moon Bay in addition to the schools we already reach in Pacifica, Daly City, El Granada and Montara, growing our outreach to 7,500 students. People from all over the Bay Area and state join our cleanup and educational events gaining experience and learning about marine debris and native habitat.  Because of this body of work, it was time to become our own 501(c)(3) and to change our name to reflect this growing region and the BIG ocean we work so hard to help. We realize now that we are no longer just taking care of Pacifica. We are creating ripples of environmental good spreading throughout the entire bay area and Pacific Ocean.

A special thanks to Pacifica’s Environmental Family for being our fiscal sponsor since 1997. They have given us so much support and guidance and allowed us to do what we do best…. clean and restore beaches/native habitat and educate and inspire citizens to be earth heroes.

‘The Pacific Beach Coalition is dedicated to preserving the ocean, coastal habitat and wildlife, and ending litter, through advocacy, education, community building, and citizen action.’ 

Opening A Membership Program

We have been around since 1997 and since then we have grown a lot. PBC has always been an all-volunteer based organization leading beach cleanups, habitat restorations, free lecture series, Earth Day and EcoFest events and organizing school assemblies for the schools and the coastal community. Over the years, we have been educating more and more volunteers and we have been getting more requests from schools, organizations and companies to help educate their groups. Unfortunately, this is not something that can be accomplished with only our dedicated volunteers. While our volunteers are amazing and give us all their free time, to keep educating at this scale and to keep expanding our outreach, we need to build a team  of educators and contractors, and maybe have an office. We have so many ideas for new projects and programs expanding from Daly City thru Half Moon Bay and beyond, projects that will help us preserve our ocean — and we need your support to make that happen. 

So, to financially get there, we have decided to create a membership program and you can become a member today! Visit our membership page to learn more and make a contribution.

Thank you all so much for all your support, time and continuous contributions. We would not be here today, without YOU.