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A birthday party, YMSL & Apple collect 164 pounds of garbage at Pillar Point on August 25th

A big thank you to the 42 people that came out today…including a very special callout to Cathy who brought her friends to clean up the beach for her birthday! Together we collected: 144 pounds garbage 20 pounds of recycling 994 cigarette butts!!!  (we think that might be a record!) 9 straws 38 bottle caps 3 tennis balls a grill […]

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212 Pounds of Trash and 32 Pounds of Recyclables Removed from Pillar Point

Big thank you to the 58 volunteers who came out for our special Earth Day cleanup at Pillar Point! We collected over 245 pounds of garbage, recyclables, and cigarette butts, including… – 2 tires – part of a 1970’s TV – 2 car headlights – 573 cigarette butts – 21 straws – 20 bottle caps – 2 pounds of beach […]

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