Weasel Enjoying Linda Mar Habitat Restoration Efforts

Posting a few photos taken by Nobuko Inouye. Nobuko, walks the Linda Mar to Rockaway beach path almost every day, and takes photos, which she posts to her blog (in Japanese).

She takes some great photos: whales, birds, fishermen, bunnies, gophers, THAT DRAT animal eating my newly planted native plants, WEASEL!!!, etc., anything interesting going on locally, and in her blog, lots of pictures of succulents too. She has a great eye, and takes good pictures.

Michael and I ran into Nobuko this morning, as we were walking back from habitat restoration activity, and she showed us this photo she had taken of a weasel peeking out of the willows, along Linda Mar beach area.

A few photos at bottom of e-mail chain:
1- WEASEL taken in willows along Linda Mar beach;
2- rabbit, willows and vicinity along Linda Mar;
3- little mouse? eating plants along roadcut between Rockaway and Linda Mar, sheet-mulched area;
4- whales.

pretty cool, eh?