Thank You All For Coming to Earth Day & EcoFest 2018!

What an amazing day from start to finish!

We actually starting April 2nd with the first School Assembly! Nicole, our amazing biologist and speaker, did a brilliant job creating the Assembly presentation and delivering it to all but 5 of the schools! Thanks to her, thousands of kids where able to learn about the sea stars and the ocean.
Paula, another incredible volunteer, was responsible for the EcoFest booth coordination. Everything went smoothly and we can’t thank her enough for her hours and days of hard work. Jim our Vice President, is also responsible for the Groups to make sure that each one of them has a dedicated location to take care of. And we could go on and on! Each of our volunteers helped in there own way and together this Earth Day was absolutely THE BEST EVER!
Of course, the attendance for the Action and Education part of the day was unheard of, so THANK YOU ALL FOR COMING, PARTICIPATING and LEARNING with us!

Quick Summary

School Assemblies: 21 schools! 
Taught over 7500 students & Teachers about Sea Stars and the effects of climate change and plastics in the ocean at the School assemblies.
Beaches and Streets Cleaned Up
– 9 beaches from Fort Funston down to Tunitas Creek,
– 20 areas including the entire bluff line from Mussel Rock to Pedro Point. West Sharp Park streets, East Sharp Park Streets, 4 shopping center and districts and even more!
Garden and Restored Habitat in 13 locations.
Education with the EcoFest: 
52 organizations joined together to educate and inspire over 5,500 visitors to the EcoFest, Topping past estimates of 2000 by a landslide.
Live music, 2 inspiring speakers (Rob Cala and Edward Humes), fantastic mc’ed by Don Horsley, David Canepa and Greg Cochran, a very popular petting zoo, chalk art project and an incredible Plastic Corral!