The Sea Stars Don’t Like Your Living Room


We were all very moved after reading Clay Lambert’s Editorial Notes from the March 2018 Edition of the local Pacifica Magazine.

Everyone of us probably did like him… We found a Sea Star in a tide pool or on the sand and played with it for a while or worse again, we dried it up and placed on a shelf in our living room. BUT, you now have the opportunity to redeem yourself and make it up to these fascinating living sea creatures! Here is how:

  • Learn more about them by reading those quick 10 Fun Facts – Link Here
  • Sharpen your Sea Star knowledge and understand what makes them special – Link Here
  • Educate your kids with these Sea Star related activities – Link Here
  • Volunteer to a beach cleanup near you on the weekend – Link Here
  • Join our Annual EcoFest on April 21st at 11AM – Link Here


Notes from Clay Lambert, Editor of the Pacifica Magazine:




Follow this link to read the full version of the Seeing Stars article about the Sea Stars from the Pacifica magazine.