Sign Up & Waiver Forms

Online Volunteer Registration and Waiver Forms

All of our volunteers are encouraged to pre-register by completing and submitting our online signup & waiver form to join our field programs, particularly if you are part of a group of 10 or more. (Note: Each participating member of a group must complete and submit a separate registration and waiver form). Find your cleanup site below to sign up and join us!

Pre-registration allows you to complete and submit in advance our waiver form required of all volunteers before they participate in our field programs (i.e., a beach cleanup, restoration, neighborhood cleanup). By signing up in advance, you’re helping our volunteer site captains save time and reduce our carbon footprint by minimizing paper consumption. Our site captains are also able to contact you with details and updates as necessary, such as a cancellation due to inclement weather. We and Mother Earth thank you!

Thank you for pre-registering and signing up to join us! For logistical purposes, we notify our site captains in advance of the number of volunteers to expected to attend a cleanup. If you’re unable to pre-register online, you may register and sign the waiver during check in at the cleanup site.