Tidepools and Sea Stars with San Mateo Outdoor Education Program

Video Highlights Learning through SMCOE’s Outdoor Education Program


The San Mateo County Office of Education’s  (SMCOE) Outdoor Education program is the focus of a new video by Every Second Breath Project. The stunning video captures the program’s creative efforts to teach students about the importance of tidepools.

The video features Mark Nolan, SMCOE’s Director of Outdoor Environmental Education, who describes the role tidepools play in the environment, how climate change affects tidal ecosystems, and how teaching students about tidepools can transform human behavior.

This video captures the students’ sense of discovery and awe as they explore tidepools

near Pigeon Point Lighthouse. Nolan encourages the students to observe the creatures living in tidepools up close and learn more deeply about marine mammal adaptations, communities, and food chains.

“There are two things I want the kids to come away with: a knowledge of our inner tidal environment and an appreciation for nature,” shares Nolan, who with his team makes SMCOE Outdoor Education a magical part of the fifth-grade experience in San Mateo County public schools.

The video is part of series created by Every Second Breath Project to give voice to everyday citizens whose lives have been transformed by the ocean and who have, in turn, committed themselves to become agents of change.

To view the video, visit Every Second Breath Project’s website. Visit the San Mateo County Office of Education’s website to learn more about its Outdoor Education Program.


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