Plastic Free 4th, Plastic Free July

Celebrate July and the 4th of July with these top 10 plastic swaps!

Going plastic free doesn’t happen overnight, nor does it have to be 100% perfectly done. I have been on my plastic free life journey for over a year and still learning great new things. Here are my top 10 easy everyday plastic free swaps that are a great way to start your plastic free journey.

1. Water bottles: We all know that this is a big one.The best water bottle swap is a reusable bottle and filling up at home or at a refill center. Quick recyclable opinions are canned water, glass bottles and boxed waters.

2. Straws: Say no to the straw, one straw doesn’t seem like a big impact, but when a million people refuse we will see a difference. It’s way too easy to get reusable straws now in different materials; metal, paper, wheat, bamboo and biodegradable avocado seeds.

3. Produce Bags: Having reusable produce mesh bags with drawstring for your fruits and veggies reduces tons of one time plastic bags.

4. Buy in Bulk: When buying in bulk use reusable cotton bags that will hold rice, beans, flour, sugar, nuts, and spices. And keep in airtight glass jars.

5. Disposable cutlery and plates: For those times you need a quick grab and go for your kids lunches, picnics and breakfast to go, use wood cutlery and bamboo plates are both compostable.

6. Coffee and Tea: Buying loose coffee and tea then brewing in a metal tea strainer and a reusable coffee filter elements micro plastics found in the one time tea and coffee filters.

7. Plastic Baggies: Replacing plastic ziplock bags with reusable waterproof bags like LunchSkins, will save thousands of baggies wasted a year.

8. Wool Dryer Balls: Super easy swap that will save you a ton of money and keep the plastic dryer sheets out of your life forever. Just add a little essential oil to the wool for a fresh load.

9. Reusable cup: Remember to bring your reusable coffee cup with you, or sit and sip your drink at the coffee shop in a ceramic mug. Refuse those single use cups and lids.

10. Take a minute to think before you buy. When going for the peanut butter grab the glass one over the plastic container. Skip the chip bags and go for the salty pickles and olives in glass and cans, pick the glass bottle dressing, get your milk in a full paper carton, etc. Keep these ideas in mind the next time you go to the store and stop and think of your purchase and take pride in reducing your plastic footprint.

Peace, love and happy Earth!

Blog post and photo credits: Julie Murillo. Find more of her homemade & eco-friendly recipes on Instragram @jamstang67