NEW DRAFT: Celebrate Our 25th Anniversary. It’s the Season of Giving!

Thank you for being on this journey with us. Highlights from this year:

  • Earth Day of Action became Earth Month with 288 cleanups done all over the West Coast by 868 volunteers
  • Coastal Cleanup Day engaged 811 volunteers who removed 1,623 pounds of landfill trash, 265 pounds of recyclables, 380 pounds of green waste, and more than 13,829 cigarette butts!
  • Butt Blitz happened for the 3rd year and engaged Earth Heroes to pick up over 30,000 cigarette filters
  • Since we started the Street to Beach Cleanups in June 2020, 7,774 volunteers picked up over 37,000+ of trash and covered 2,665 miles (that’s almost the number of miles you would drive going cross country!)

All of this would not have been possible without your support! To keep all of our programs afloat and to make sure that we accomplish even more next year, we would be extremely grateful if you could open your heart and reach for your wallet to make a one-time or monthly donation during this season of giving.

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