Butt Blitz 2023 Results: 73,864 Butts!

Thank you all for participating in our fifth annual Butt Blitz! This year’s collection has smashed all records since 2020.

Cigarette filters, those tiny but toxic menaces, have been wreaking havoc on our oceans for far too long. They may be small, but they are a big part of the global pollution problem, ranking as the #1 trashed item worldwide. To combat this issue, the Pacific Beach Coalition launched a campaign called “Butt Blitz,” rallying volunteers to pick up as many cigarette filters as possible before the rainy season hits. The results were nothing short of astounding, with 73,864 filters collected in just a month and a half.

A Symbol of Collective Action and Environmental Responsibility

In the coastal communities where the Pacific Beach Coalition operates and beyond (all the way to Texas!), the “Butt Blitz” became a symbol of collective action and environmental responsibility. The volunteers, fueled by a shared passion for preserving our Pacific ocean and wildlife, scoured beaches and public spaces, picking up these often-overlooked but highly hazardous pollutants.

Preservation And Sustainability

But the story doesn’t end with the collection efforts. A portion of the 73,864 cigarette filters will be recycled in collaboration with TerraCycle, a company dedicated to recycling hard-to-recycle materials. This partnership takes the campaign to the next level, promoting not only cleanup but also sustainable practices.

165 Toxins Killing Innocent Fishes

Why are cigarette filters such a threat to our oceans? They are composed of thousands of tiny plastic fibers that break down into microplastics, entering the marine food chain and posing significant risks to wildlife and human health. With the “Butt Blitz” campaign, the Pacific Beach Coalition is actively addressing this issue, demonstrating the power of community action in combating ocean pollution.

Be The Change You Want to See

This remarkable initiative emphasizes the urgent need to rethink our habits and behaviors when it comes to littering and polluting the environment. It shows that even the most common and seemingly insignificant items, like cigarette filters, can have a devastating impact when accumulated on a global scale.

The success of the “Butt Blitz” campaign serves as an inspiration and a reminder that change starts at the community level. It’s a call to action for all of us to be more responsible with our waste and to support organizations like the Pacific Beach Coalition in their vital efforts to protect our oceans.

So, let’s join hands, raise awareness about the menace of cigarette filters, and make conscious choices to ensure a cleaner, healthier, and more sustainable future for our precious oceans.