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Grateful for Your Time & Support

To express our thanks and gratitude during this giving season, we wanted to share with you the work of our newest intern Emme Schaefer, a Senior at Principia College (IL). Greetings to all, we’re so glad you’re here!We’re so beyond thankful for each volunteerWe love your commitment and the work that you doPlease accept this thank you from PBC to […]

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Plastic-Free Kitchen Tips – Part2

Two of the biggest plastic waste areas in the kitchen are the refrigerator and the food pantry. Here are my favorite low cost plastic free food storage areas. Refrigerator Storage My favorite find for the refrigerator is the wicker plate holders (we’ve all used at picnics) they are a great fit and perfect for your fruits and veggies your fridge […]

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Plastic-Free Kitchen Life – Part 1

As Plastic Free July came to an end, let’s keep encouraging others to lead a plastic free lifestyle with every little act we will see a big impact! Here is the first part of my favorite Plastic-Free kitchen swaps. We will go from cleaning to food storage then in Part Two talk about refrigerator to the pantry. DIY Kitchen Cleaner […]

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