72 Volunteers & 516 Pounds of Litter

What an incredible day. Last Saturday was almost like an Earth Day or Coastal Cleanup Day type of beach cleanup! We had an incredible turnout: 72 volunteers; and we picked up so much trash: 516 lbs.

These 516 pounds included 70 lbs of recycle, 4 large tires, one 20 lbs blankets, a long plastic tube, metal grills and other indescribable pieces of litter. And for the first time, 18 lbs of beach plastic will not go to the landfill thanks to our new partnership with TerraCycle Beach Plastic program.

In addition, the volunteers collected 1,221 cigarette butts found on the beach, parking lot and coastline trail. Like I said, what an incredible day! All of this could not have happened without Mary Anne and my dear husband, who for once, decided to wake up early to join us 🙂

Huge thank yous to the big groups YMLS Peninsula, Alpine and Crystal Springs and ADT security, as well as the other amazing families and friends who did such a hard work going after buried plastic bag or tiny bits of styrofoam.

If you missed our last cleanup, make sure to check our calendar to know when is the next Pillar Point beach cleanup. See you then!

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